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Pearl Tourism at Thae Hnitt Tan

On the occasion of the 72nd Union Day, the development of tourism in Tanintaryi Region as Pearl Farms cooperation program, by the guidelines of the Ministry of Natural Resources & Environmental Conservation, “Thae Hnitt Tan Pearl Tourism” opening ceremony was held at one of Myanmar Atlantic’s Camps on February 12, 2019.

The pearl producing stages, equipment, different types of pearls and oysters’ expertise, marine knowledge of images and pictures, as well as the home, accessories, and boat of Salone (Moken) ethnic were shown at the Pearl Tourism. Additionally, locals from Done Palae Aww Village will sell native items and souvenirs. According to Myanmar Pearl Enterprise, pearl tourism will be available every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

Nowadays, the pearl tourism has been relocated and reopened from the Pearl Banner Camp of MAC to “Thae Hnitt Tan Camp” in accordance with Ministry instructions and directions. Thae Hnitt Tan Camp is well-known as the “Mother Land of Mexima” because to the abundance of Pindata Mexima oysters in South Sea Pearls, and it is also known as “Twin Beautiful Faces Island” in that region.