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“Our First Pearl Auction Debut: A Recap by Myanmar Atlantic Co., Ltd.”

Dazzling pearls took center stage at the first-ever Pearl Auction, a collaborative effort between Myanmar Atlantic Co., Ltd. and Annawar Pearl Co., Ltd., held at Lotte Hotel Yangon on December 22nd and 23rd, 2023. The event was a success for both companies, showcasing a breathtaking array of rare pearls that captivated participants. Their presence created an atmosphere of excitement and celebration. Myanmar Atlantic Co., Ltd. and Annawar Pearl Co., Ltd. extend sincere appreciation to all participants, as their support and participation ensured the resounding success of our first debut auction. We also like to express our appreciation for the hard work and contributions of our team members during the event.

The success of this auction paves the way for more dazzling events in the future, promising exciting times for pearl enthusiasts worldwide. As these radiant pearls found new admirers, the success of the our first pearl auction marks a promising beginning, hinting at more sparkling gatherings that will continue to captivate and delight lovers of pearls around the world.