Myamar Atlantic

Pearl Production Process

Step I Hatchery

The Hatchery at Escape Bay site, one of the first Hatchery technology developed in Southeast Asia, breeds and grows +500,000 Pinctada Maxima pearl oysters annually, from carefully selected parent oysters of the highest quality.

STEP II Grafting and Insertion

The fully grown oysters then go through an intensive quality control process for Saibo Cutting and Nucleus Insertion based on the quality of the shells. Led by a Japanese Seeding Expert, the Operations Department grafts the mantle tissue and inserts the nuclei into the oysters for cultivation.  

Step III Cultivtion

The oysters are allowed to recover in a special box post-op for 3 months. After checking for nuclei retention using an X-Ray Machine, the “effective oysters” are then put into pocket panels and returned to the sea, where the oysters continuously deposit layers of nacre around the nuclei.

STEP IV Cleaning

To ensure the health of the mollusks and the growth of the pearls, a dedicated team works around the clock to clean the oysters and pocket panels, which lasts for about 2 to 3 Years.

Step V Harvest

After 4 to 5 years of patient care and constant protection, the fully grown natural gems of the sea are harvested, producing the world’s most luxurious and lustrous deep, golden pearls. The technicians then select the best oysters for breeding, and if suitable, re-insertions.